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My name is Rachel. I have the greatest boyfriend in the world, Nelson(: 10.30.09. i'm a SENIOR at kell high school, and i have an amazing family!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It has been soo long since my last post!A lot has happened since last summer! one thing that hasn't changed though, is that Nelson and i are still together! But i guess i just got so busy with school that i forgot about my blog! I'm finally a SENIOR!(: i finished out my junior year with a perfect record: all A's! I also passed my graduation tests with all honors and advanced proficiency scores! So for starters, just after the school year started, nelson moved back to Georgia from Utah! So we did get to spend our junior year together! He played for Kell's football team as a starting linebacker while i participated in colorguard. In the spring, i was able to be in the school's musical again! this year it was Little Shop of Horrors! and i had the role of.. *drumroll*.. AUDREY! the lead role!My whole family was so proud and they were there to support me the whole time! They also came to see me perform every night! Towards the end of the year, my mom graduated from KSU with a degree in early childhood education! i am so proud of her! She had a 4.0 GPA, was a member of phi cappa phi, and was honored with Summa Cum Laude (4.0)! In may, my dad ended up purchasing a hardware store off of Shallowford road! so he has been busy with the store and our rental homes. I was so grateful to have nelson here with me to spend our junior year together! However, right now he is actually back in Utah to visit his mom and sister, but he's coming home on 6/20, a week from tomorrow! i can't wait to see him again! Last week i went to girls' camp! i had a lot of fun! especially since we had air conditioned "cabins." they were actually more like hotels, haha! My mom had the chance to come up for one day to help out in the kitchen. we had such a great time together! we got to take a nap together and spoon! lol! This past week, spencer and i came down to grandma's house in conyers! spencer went to the Charlie Elliot camp that i went to when i was a kid, and had a great time! we're going to be here for this coming week, as well!
Th-th-thaaat's all folks!(: