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My name is Rachel. I have the greatest boyfriend in the world, Nelson(: 10.30.09. i'm a SENIOR at kell high school, and i have an amazing family!

Monday, June 21, 2010

So this is the first of, hopefully, many posts on my new blog!(: Lindsay showed me her blog, so i was inspired to make my own! Ever since Nelson left for Idaho a few days ago, my days have been kind of boring. As of right now, they're moving through Wyoming on their way to Pocatello. Since he's not around to brighten up my day, so i have resorted to laying around the house.. doing nothing. Mom has been going to school everyday, so i'm locked away in my house babysitting my brothers. Aside from the occasional visitor, my phone and the computer have been my friends haha. Well, i did have quite an eventful day on saturday. Mason, my cousin, got baptized! I was asked to sing at the baptism. However, my mother failed to inform me that i was also supposed to be the music leader. So there i was in front of a room full of people i don't know, waiving my arm around in the air, hoping i'm doing it right. it was embarrassing... thanks mom!
Live your life!(:

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  1. CUTE!! Love your blog and yes... I am the inspiration lol I miss you this is super cute!