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My name is Rachel. I have the greatest boyfriend in the world, Nelson(: 10.30.09. i'm a SENIOR at kell high school, and i have an amazing family!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun in that Georgia Sun!
So i spent the day with Lauren! we had so much fun! we set up our slip n' slide for my brothers.. and for us! we all got on our bathing suits and soaped up the slip n' slide and ourselves and had a great time! we had tons of soap and oil on it for extra slipperyness haha!(: after that, lauren and i laid out for a little bit while the boys sprayed each other with the hose! Later on, Lauren and i happened to step on the road barefoot, and BOY! did that HURT!!! so you know the saying "it's so hot you could cook eggs on the sidewalk?" ...whoever said that is an IDIOT! because it did nottttttt work! haha(: They got really hot, but they didn't cook. it kind of bummed me out!:( Oh well, we had a lot of fun with it!(: We all had a pretty great day, aside from the occasional temper tantrom! but boys will be boys!(: i love my brothers very much, though. so i'm still babysitting as of now. i'm really proud of my mom for going back to school to become a teacher, but we really miss her at the house when she's gone. she does so much around here. so since it's just me here, i've been doing all the cleaning up! it's a lot of work! (well lauren helped me a lot today, thanks!) i must have cleaned the kitchen three or four times today. i deffinately have a new appreciation for dishwashers now!!!!!(:
Live your life!(:


  1. Love your updates and hearing about your Life. Your growing up little girl! What happened to my little sis!!?? Your hair looks CUUUTTEE Did you get it lightened or is it just from the sun?? I love you Muahh

  2. i guess from the sun!
    i love you!