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My name is Rachel. I have the greatest boyfriend in the world, Nelson(: 10.30.09. i'm a SENIOR at kell high school, and i have an amazing family!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It has been soo long since my last post!A lot has happened since last summer! one thing that hasn't changed though, is that Nelson and i are still together! But i guess i just got so busy with school that i forgot about my blog! I'm finally a SENIOR!(: i finished out my junior year with a perfect record: all A's! I also passed my graduation tests with all honors and advanced proficiency scores! So for starters, just after the school year started, nelson moved back to Georgia from Utah! So we did get to spend our junior year together! He played for Kell's football team as a starting linebacker while i participated in colorguard. In the spring, i was able to be in the school's musical again! this year it was Little Shop of Horrors! and i had the role of.. *drumroll*.. AUDREY! the lead role!My whole family was so proud and they were there to support me the whole time! They also came to see me perform every night! Towards the end of the year, my mom graduated from KSU with a degree in early childhood education! i am so proud of her! She had a 4.0 GPA, was a member of phi cappa phi, and was honored with Summa Cum Laude (4.0)! In may, my dad ended up purchasing a hardware store off of Shallowford road! so he has been busy with the store and our rental homes. I was so grateful to have nelson here with me to spend our junior year together! However, right now he is actually back in Utah to visit his mom and sister, but he's coming home on 6/20, a week from tomorrow! i can't wait to see him again! Last week i went to girls' camp! i had a lot of fun! especially since we had air conditioned "cabins." they were actually more like hotels, haha! My mom had the chance to come up for one day to help out in the kitchen. we had such a great time together! we got to take a nap together and spoon! lol! This past week, spencer and i came down to grandma's house in conyers! spencer went to the Charlie Elliot camp that i went to when i was a kid, and had a great time! we're going to be here for this coming week, as well!
Th-th-thaaat's all folks!(:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!
FIREWORKS!(: i'm still at grandma's house, and we have plans for the fourth, of course! we're going to the horse park in conyers to watch the fireworks show! we're bringing a little picnic too! how cute?! happy independence day!
Live your life!(:

Friday, July 2, 2010

6/30/10 was a very special day! at 12:01 am i got to see the third movie in the twilight saga, eclispe! surrounded by all of my friends and family! my mom and i hosted a priemere party at our new house! we had tons of food and decorations! the party was a hit! the movie was, in a word, AMAZING! i, of course, wore my "nelson is my edward" t-shirt to the movie! and nelson wore his "rachel is my bella" t-shirt, when he saw it out in utah! the day after, me, grandma, and the boys headed down to aunt JJ's house in warner robins. we stayed there for a few days and had a great time. tomorrow, spencer and tanner are going back home, but i'm staying with grandma until monday. tomorrow will be a great day! we're going to get my favorite breakfast from hardy's, biscuit and gravy!(: then, after the boys are home, grandma is taking me shopping!!!(: after that, we're gonna go see eclipse again! i'm planning on see it as many times as i can before it leaves theaters!
live your life!(:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our internet has been on the fritz lately, so i haven't been able to blog!:( i've been spending my time doing the following:
1. Missing the pooh out of nelson.
2. Spending time with lauren.
3. going to the pool.
Mom and i are getting ready for our party on tuesday for the premiere of the third movie in the twilight saga, ECLIPSE! i'm very excited! we're having tons of people over for a before party. we're gonna watch the first and second movies, and eat twilight themed foods(: i can't wait for all of my friends to see our new house and my room! we've been hard at work to finish painting and hanging curtains and whatnot. i miss nelson so much! i always look forward to hearing his voice on the phone every night!
live your life!(:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My New Room!
I'm spending some time with lauren tonight. hopefully she can spend the night. tonight is the homecoming party for my cousin and family! They're moving back from japan for the summer! i'm excited to see them! it's been a while! So we're having a family gathering to welcome them back home. So, two weeks ago i went to girls' camp with my church. i had soo much fun! we pulled pranks on eachother and the leaders!(: i was a LIT (leader in training), so i had a lot of fun being one the the older girls. While at camp, i couldn't talk to nelson AT ALL. so that was a big bummer... but i had a special surprise from him when i got home. (; Nelson painted my room! we recently moved into a new house. we've been so busy painting and decorating and getting settled in, so i just assumed that my room would be at the bottom of the priority list. But nelson knew exactly what i wanted in my room! so he took it upon himself to do it for me! how flippin' sweet is my boyfriend?(; if you can't tell in the picture, i have three light pink walls, and one darker hot pink wall. i love my zebra and pink bed spread and sheets!(: and my polka dot curtains match so well! along with my new fuzzy black rug! i just love my baby!(: also, today, i was surprised to find that i got a package in the mail. when i opened it, it was a ring from nelson! it's engraved with our initials R & N. (((: i love it! the sweetest boy in the world! i'm going to get ready for the homecoming party!
live your life!(:

Monday, June 21, 2010

So this is the first of, hopefully, many posts on my new blog!(: Lindsay showed me her blog, so i was inspired to make my own! Ever since Nelson left for Idaho a few days ago, my days have been kind of boring. As of right now, they're moving through Wyoming on their way to Pocatello. Since he's not around to brighten up my day, so i have resorted to laying around the house.. doing nothing. Mom has been going to school everyday, so i'm locked away in my house babysitting my brothers. Aside from the occasional visitor, my phone and the computer have been my friends haha. Well, i did have quite an eventful day on saturday. Mason, my cousin, got baptized! I was asked to sing at the baptism. However, my mother failed to inform me that i was also supposed to be the music leader. So there i was in front of a room full of people i don't know, waiving my arm around in the air, hoping i'm doing it right. it was embarrassing... thanks mom!
Live your life!(: